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Preparing for a Showroom Visit

Design centers are home to a large variety of rugs, cabinets, fabrics, paints, tiles...the list is endless. Visiting a showroom is exciting because homeowners have the opportunity to take an active part in the design process. On the other hand, if you're not well prepared, taking a trip to a large design center can turn out to be overwhelming and stressful.

In Home Design Builds has a few tips to help you make your next showroom visit a productive and exciting experience.

Define The Purpose of Your Project

Are you remodeling your kitchen to entertain friends and family? Or are you updating bathroom fixtures to increase your home value? Defining the purpose of your project is important because it allows you to enter a showroom in search of products and advice related to your project needs. For example; If you're remodeling your kitchen, head straight to the kitchen showroom when you visit the design center. Starting in the right place will keep you on track and help you focus your energy where it's most needed.

Measure Up!

It's a smart idea to have plans at this point...even if its just basic measurements of the space drawn on a piece of paper. This is important because you will need to know the measurements of your space for finding proper sized products. In the measurements, you should include where all of your doors and windows are located. Taking some pictures of the space may also come in handy, just in case you have to refer to them.

TIP: The best way to take pictures of a room is to stand in middle of the space and snap some pictures as you're turning 180.

For more detailed plans, this is where you would need the expertise of an have an architect or a designer. An owner's project manager, such as In Home Design Builds, can also draw up detailed plans. For more information on our project management services, please contact us.

Know Your Budget

Before stepping foot in a design center, you need to be honest with yourself about your budget. Having a clear understanding of your budget BEFORE you start product-hunting will keep project expenses under control, because impulse buying can rob you of the joy that should come with completing your project.

Explore Styles You Like

One way to get started is by making a list of favorite design concepts and ideas. There are helpful sources out there such as Houzz and Pinterest, where you can create and use scrapbooks on their website.

While exploring styles, it's important to think about how they can work in your home, and will fit with your lifestyle. For more information on design styles, stay tuned for our upcoming blog post.

Find a Design Center That Fits YOU

Begin the process by locating the interior design center closest to you. You may already know about the larger, publicized centers, such as the Boston Design Center, but there are many more out there. A simple google search will do just fine!

Where you decide to shop depends on personal preference. Design centers vary when it comes to the products they carry, amount of products, number of showrooms, and the overall atmosphere of the space. That being said, If you're an individual who gets overwhelmed when you have a thousand of different choices, the larger design centers may not be for you. Most of the time, you will find that the smaller showrooms still have what you're looking for, with a more personalized attention. We highly recommend visiting the websites of various showrooms before visiting taking a trip in person. This will allow you to get a feel for what each center is like, as well as what products they carry.

It's important to point out that some interior design centers are to-the-trade, meaning that only licensed architects and interior designers have access to the center. That being said, you will need the designer or architect that you're working with to be physically present with you in order to enter the showroom.

Figuring this information out before hand will allow you to have a productive, stress-free, visit. In fact, if you plan ahead, you can have a lot of fun deciding on all of the details of your new home!

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Happy planning! Don't forget to comment below.

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