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Chisholm Farm Kitchen Remodel

Happy Friday Everyone! I'm so excited to finally reveal our most recent kitchen renovation project.

In this Chisholm Farm kitchen remodel, a coastal color palette and mixed metals were chosen to brighten up the room and make it feel more spacious. The plans were made so that all of the drawers and cabinets could be open, while still allowing for ease of travel throughout the kitchen. The existing kitchen was small and closed in with no room to entertain.

Read on to see how we transformed this cramped, dark kitchen into the 'heart of the home.'

The Main Issue

Like almost all of our kitchen remodel clients, Bob and Nancy's kitchen was no longer suiting their needs. Their previous kitchen was badly designed with no room to entertain friends and family. Quite frankly, they couldn't stand it anymore and they were ready for a change.

As with all of our projects, we made sure to listen to Bob and Nancy to truly understand their style preference, as well as what they pictured for their dream kitchen. Once we had a good grasp of their vision, we were then able to begin the renovation process.

The Process

After considering our client's wishes, and their vision of a large center island for entertaining, we decided that the butlers pantry just had to GO!

Before taking anything down, we had to do an exploratory investigation into the walls, as we did not have the original house plans.

What we found was that the wall separating the kitchen and the butlers pantry was structural. This is usually not something that you want to find during a renovation project, BUT identifying load-bearing walls is an important part of the process. However, just because a wall is a structural wall doesn’t mean it can’t be removed if needed. If a structural wall needs to come down to achieve our client's goals, then so be it!

By removing this wall, we were able to drastically increase the size of their kitchen, which meant our clients could finally open up the fridge without having to worry about the doors hitting the island - HOORAY! It also meant that the window in the butlers pantry would now be in the kitchen, allowing more access for natural light!

Tasteful Color Selection

For this Stratham kitchen remodel, we chose a coastal color palette. The original kitchen was filled with a plethora of dark colors, so we wanted to brighten up the space and make it feel more open and inviting. When choosing the color palette, we also kept in mind that dark colors tend to absorb light, making a room look smaller (which we did not want)!

  • The kitchen cabinets are called 'Piper' by Ultracraft and the finish is 'Pearlized Vertical'.

  • The counter tops are a white base, man-made quartz, with beautiful speckles of grey, brown, and white crystals.

  • The floors are natural oak, which stands out beautifully against the grey cabinets. If you want to check out how to properly coordinate paint colors to wood finishes, check out our blog article where we show you how to do this.

Mixed Metals

As you might have seen in our recent Facebook posts, mixed metals are the new rage for 2018. For this kitchen reno, we were not afraid to use warm and cool tones by incorporating stainless steel, oiled bronze, and chrome.

The Results

Transformed from a cramped 3-seater, to a gorgeous 5-seater, this magnificent 9" island features an integrated wine cooler, pop-up outlets for easy charging, and lots of storage space!

This new island is made for entertaining, just as Bob and Nancy envisioned!

That wraps it up for today folks. Stay tuned for more of our kitchen renovations...and don't forget to comment below!

Special thanks to Bob and Nancy for being such wonderful clients. We're so glad that you love your new kitchen!

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