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5 Signs It's Time To Remodel The Heart of Your Home

Making the decision to remodel your kitchen can be difficult. Not only is it costly, but it disrupts your daily life. However, remodeling your kitchen is definitely worth it in the end. After all, your kitchen is more than just a place to store your food and's by far the most important space in the house. It's where you cook, do homework, plan your day, and create memories with your family. They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And we have to believe its true.

Here are a 5 signs that it's time to remodel the heart of your home:

You Hate The Space & Don't Enjoy Using It

This one may be obvious, but its surprising at how many people put off remodeling their kitchen, even though they hate it. Did you know that if you dread mealtime because you don't enjoy cooking in your kitchen, it actually affects what meals you prepare in the space? You might even hate your kitchen so much that you find yourself eating out more often than you should. If this is true, it's time to remodel.

There's Not Enough Counter Space/Storage

Isn't it annoying when you have to scramble around the kitchen looking for counter space while you're cooking? Are your cabinets so full that things fall out every time you open them? If you can relate, then its time for you to renovate!

It Doesn't Fit Your Lifestyle

A change in family or lifestyle is a big reason that people decide to remodel. Maybe you love to cook but your kitchen is too cramped. Or you enjoy entertaining friends and family but your current layout isn't suited for that. Maybe you have a young family and you're tired of having your children's hand prints and smudges all over your stainless steel appliances. Now are you starting to get it?

It's Filled With Outdated Appliances

Not only can an outdated kitchen make your ENTIRE house look older, it can be costly. Your old kitchen appliances are actually driving up your electricity bill. New appliances may not be cheap, but they pay for themselves over time. In fact, energy star appliances can reduce your home appliance energy usage and costs by as much as 10% to 50%. Imagine how much money you will be saving!

You're Selling Your Home

The kitchen is the most important room when it comes to the resale value of the home. It can make or break a deal. Even if you're not selling, remodeling your kitchen is a good investment and will make your home more marketable when you do decide to move.

There are many more reasons as to why you should remodel your kitchen, but honestly, if you're not happy with your own, you deserve better!

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