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Measuring Made Easy

Happy Friday Everyone! Today we are thrilled to introduce part 2 of our 8 part blogging series; ‘A Design-Builder’s Cherished Tools’’. Our goal for this series is to provide you with valuable knowledge and tips about some of our favorite tools as a design-builder.


Measuring Made Easy

Tape measures are a wonderful tool...if you know how to use them! Many people use them the wrong way without knowing, which results in inaccurate measurements. During our renovations, correct measurements are vital to a smooth process.

The team at In Home Design Builds is here to show you how to get the perfect measurement.

Understanding the Hook Feature

The first thing that you need to know about your measuring tape is that the inch marks on the tape actually start 1/16th" short. This is because the metal tip of the tape measure is exactly 1/16th". You may also notice that the metal tip is loose, but don't didn't buy a damaged tape measure! This feature is actually there to provide accurate measurements, whether you're measuring the inside or outside edge of a surface.

For example, if you measure outside a surface (like the outside edges of a window molding) and hook your metal end on the molding, it will shift out 1/16″ so that you’re not counting the metal piece in your measurement.

Measuring Tall Spaces

Your arms can only reach so high, so what do you do when you have to measure something tall? We'll let Connor take it from here!

As always, thank you for reading! We hope that you enjoyed part 2 of our blogging series and we are excited to share part 3. If there is a certain tool that you would like to learn more about, please let us know!

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