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From Gloomy to Glam

As you may have heard through the grapevine, In Home Design Builds has recently moved to Amesbury, MA. We have been very busy designing the showroom and getting it ready to open within the next few months...and we are SO excited!

Our most recent project in the new space was painting the showroom floors. We started out with a boring gray concrete floor and turned it into a faux marble floor that we can't stop staring at!

Before After

Our Inspiration

Here at In Home, we love to find inspiration from naturally occurring phenomenons. In this case, it was rusted flooring that caught our eye. It had a beautiful combination of metals, light blues, and brown. We decided that this would be the color palette for our new floor.

Read on to see how we created this faux marble's easier than you might think!

Faux Marble Painting Technique

To create this faux marble look, we applied multiple coats to add depth to the surface.

For the first coat, we used a paint roller to coat the floor with bronze Rust-Oleum Metallic interior wall paint and a low lustre sealer. Before the paint was dry, we flicked Shellac onto the floor using a small paint brush. We loved how the shellac and wet paint reacted. It created such a cool look!

Once the first coat was dry, marble veining was added to random sections of the floor using a detail brush. We alternated between an eggshell blue and gold color when painting the veins.

The second coat involved a little bit more effort! During this step, we mixed the low lustre sealer with some white paint and a tad of eggshell blue paint. This was also applied with a paint roller.

To give it a more textured look, we crumpled up thin plastic sheets and placed it on top of the wet paint. We quickly rolled over the sheets with a paint roller to create fine lines and wrinkles.

Our last coat involved mixing the low lustre sealer with gold Rust-Oleum Metallic to add a fun but elegant shimmer to the floor.


After a few coats (and lots of paint in our hair and clothes), we’re happy with the final results and we can’t wait for you to come see it!

Don’t forget to comment below, we'd love to know what you think!

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