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Transforming Driftwood Into Home Decor

What once stood tall and has since been weathered and worn by the sea, now has a new purpose.

Driftwood can be transformed into a variety of one-of-a-kind home accents, or it can be displayed simply for its beauty. Using reclaimed wood as home decor is not only eco-friendly, it's FREE!

During one of our remodeling projects, we decided to utilize some driftwood that we found on the Ipswich River. Continue reading to see how we transformed driftwood into a beautifully unique piece of home decor.

The Process

Before displaying the driftwood in your home, it's very important to properly dry and prepare it. This will kill the bacteria and any termites that may be living in the wood. Don't worry though...the process is easy and can be done from home!

STEP 1: Brush The Excess Dirt Off

Take a stiff brush and brush off any excess dirt and debris remaining on the driftwood.

STEP 2: Disinfect The Wood

Depending on the size of your piece of driftwood, there's a few options for disinfecting. If you have a fairly small sized piece, your best option would be to leave it in boiling water for a couple of hours. Another option is to soak the wood in diluted bleach for a few days.

STEP 3: Dry It Out

We recommend leaving it out in the shade for a few days to dry slowly. Once its completely dried, leave it under the sun for a day to get out the sea-type smells. If you want to lighten the color a bit, leave it under the sun for a longer period of time in order to gradually bleach the wood.

The Final Product

We love how the final product came out! Check out the before and afters below.



If you try this little DIY project yourself, please share pictures with us! We would love to see your creations.

We hope that everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend! Thank you for reading...don't forget to comment below.

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