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*Fire and Ice*

Fire and ice are a timeless, classic pairing, especially during the holidays and the winter months. They complement each other and create ambiance together. When families and friends get together in these colder months, a cozy gathering space is ideal. Add some ambiance to your space and gatherings and add a touch of fire to warm up icy nights!

If you don’t have a fireplace, In-Home has you covered. Anywhere Fireplaces are portable or wall-mounted, clean burning, smokeless and odorless fireplaces. They burn bio-friendly, green fuel with no toxic emissions, and can produce as much heat as two space heaters in one hour. We love the wall mounted SoHo and Chelsea designs, it’s so easy to make a faux traditional fireplace with them, without having to worry about ash or soot on the rest of the furniture or rugs! Portable, table-top fireplace models are also available. The smaller, portable models go from living room, to kitchen, to porch with ease. Any space has the potential to be a cozy, fireside retreat with our Anywhere Fireplaces. (and bubble baths get even more perfect with a tabletop fireplace!)

Looking for more ways to play with fire this holiday season? Try pillar candles, votives and tea lights on an iron pedestal in your fireplace instead of a roaring fire. Vary the sizes and height, but maintain a simple, if not monochromatic, color scheme for a tranquil, classic, fire feature. Lanterns and votives create a coastal, rustic feel.

Your centerpieces deserve candles, too! Scented candles are not the ideal for meal time, and you don’t want to worry about wax dripping on the rest of your arrangement, or worse- the food! We love our square, dripless, scent-free candle sticks for updated, modern holiday centerpieces that won’t compete with the food. And this year, we’ve added new reds and greens to our candles’ colors- including different shades of the very trendy color, aqua.

Pop in and light up your holiday season!

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