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Make a statement!

Your personality should shine in your home’s design. The colors should make you happy, calm you or invigorate you. Furniture should be carefully selected to ensure it’s comfortable and pulled together. Accessories that are thoughtfully chosen and arranged add a finishing touch and make your house feel like home.

Thoughtfully chosen accessories can vary from personal pieces with history and meaning attached to them to appealing objets from your favorite boutiques. It’s just as lovely to show off accessories, or pieces of furniture, with a personal history as it is to display pre-curated items from your favorite shop that enhance a room’s design.

Keeping accessories balanced is the key to a well-tailored home. Too many pieces make it look cluttered, while too few make it feel cold and sparse. Balancing sizes, numbers, shapes and textures take some skill, but really pull a space together when done correctly.

Once you have accessories displayed, it’s time to showcase the Statement Piece. Even well organized, thought out accessories can make a space feel one-note if there isn’t a wow-factor piece. Your grandmother’s crystal, the chair you found while antiquing with your best friend, the lamps you picked up while travelling abroad- all of these have the ability to be your Statement Pieces! A brightly patterned rug, bold floral arrangements in oversized urns, and wall art can also be your work horses and make a statement. Wall art doesn’t have to be limited to prints and canvas to pack a punch- collected pieces with a theme displayed together evoke a gallery feel; shelves, mirrors and candles bounce light at different heights and make the space feel lighter.

No matter what the statement piece, it should reflect your personality or the feeling you want to create in your home. It’s the piece (or collection) that will command the most attention, and it should be uniquely you!

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