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If I Had a Hammer...

In Home Design Builds is thrilled to introduce part 1 of our 8 part blogging series; ‘A Design-Builder’s Cherished Tools’’. Our goal for this series is to provide you with valuable knowledge and tips about some of our favorite tools as a design-builder.


If I had a Hammer…

Oh the old cliché. If in doubt, give it a clout! A hammer is one of the most essential tools in your tool kit.

Know what a Quality Hammer is and Get Yourself One!

If you're going to attempt to do any home improvements, fix anything, build something, or even just hang artwork you need a hammer. Treat yourself well and get yourself a quality hammer.

But what is a quality hammer? More specifically, what is a quality hammer that will work well for a woman’s smaller hands and grip?

We at In Home Design Builds have tested and discussed with local hardware store experts at Amesbury Industrial Supply to give you some helpful advice on choosing a good, quality hammer.

A List of Our Favorite Hammers and Their Uses

1. Stanley: General purpose & Framing

2. Estwing: General purpose

3. Warrington: Furniture Making

4. CS Osborne: Upholstery, Tact Hammer, & Detail work with pinhead nails.

Features to Pay Attention to

  • Grip Size

  • Grip Type

  • Weight

  • Shaft Length

  • Type of Hammering

Choosing the Right Hammer

Determining the correct weight can be a little confusing. To make it a little easier, a 14 - 16 oz hammer is typically a good weight for women. The size can be found on the actual hammer.

Once you have found the correct weight, don't purchase the hammer just yet! We highly suggest that you take a few test swings and see what feels comfortable.

When taking your test swing, place your grip at the end of the handle, with about an inch left. When swinging the hammer, make sure that it's manageable to swing and hold in your hand (you don't want it to be so heavy that you'll tire yourself out). For a quick demonstration, please check out our videos below!

How to Swing a Hammer:

How to NOT Swing a Hammer:

For more helpful tips and expert advice, visit

Happy Hammering! Don't forget to comment below. :)

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