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It's Time To Conquer Your Dreaded Junk Drawer

Oh the treasures you can find in a junk drawer. Whether it’s ketchup packets, sets of Delta airline headphones, or Oakley the dog!

Organize Your Way to The Start of a Great Year

You know that special drawer of yours, demonstrating your weakness of procrastination? It’s the drawer that screams “I don't have the time to find a place for this right now, so I guess i'll just stuff it in here” (and hopefully it won't be so full that I can’t open it again). As you might have heard before, junk attracts junk.

If you think that you don’t have enough time to get yourself organized right now, think of it this way; if you have 20-minutes to speak with your mom on the phone, you can multitask and deal with your rubbish drawer at the same time...that’s what speakerphone is for anyway, right?!

Things you'll need:

  • Space - to spread & sort through all of the junk

  • Sticky Notes - to label / organize your piles

  • Scrap paper - for trying out pens

  • Drawer Organizer - to compartmentalize items

  • Waste Basket - don't be afraid to part with your beloved rubbish (If you forgot about something, then how much does it REALLY mean to you?)

  • Cleaning Wipes

  • Vacuum - depending on how long you have been collecting all of your rubbish, cleaning wipes alone may not be able to get the job done!

Compartmentalize Your Life!

Quick Tip: To save a few bucks, build your own drawer organizer: How To Make Your Own Drawer Organizer

For more great ideas on how to organize your junk drawer, check out these articles that we found helpful:

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Happy Organizing!

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