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Oh by gosh by golly, it's time for mistletoe and holiday seating!

Oh by gosh by golly, it’s time for mistletoe and holly….

Wait wait wait! It’s only October!

To this we always reply- this is the time to start thinking about and ordering your seating for the holiday season! Sofas, chairs, dining sets, rugs, etc, all take a bit of time to be delivered, especially items with custom upholstery. Getting them ordered sooner guarantees you’ll have plenty of time left to decorate and relax!

Let’s take a moment to consider dining seating options, and get creative with seating solutions. A large formal dining table with seating for the entire family might not be practical in your home for the entire year, so finding extra seating might be necessary for these special occasions. These days, card tables and folding chairs are taking a backseat to versatile upholstered seating. Consider trying upholstered occasional chairs even at the dining table- these chairs can do double duty and be moved out to the living room when it’s time for coffee and nightcaps (for those of us lucky enough to avoid doing the dishes!)Wingback or armchairs can double as dining room chairs, and matching pairs look great at either end of the table! If upholstered chairs are not a part of the plan, extra throw pillows make extra seating extra cozy. Either way, make sure the pieces are things you will actually USE instead of excess, unnecessary, furniture clutter.

If your holiday guests include small children, coffee tables can easily double as kids’ tables! They are the perfect height for little ones. Throw pillows work just fine for seating in this case, saving you the money and space that excess chairs would take up- that will soon be outgrown anyway!

When you’re ready to order, we’re ready to help get your holiday season started!

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