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Good Design From the Group Up

What makes a good design? You know it when you walk into a room- gorgeous colors and textures, everything feels like it’s been pulled together expertly. Good design fits the person it’s being created for, and the space truly represents what they want. But what you see on the surface of good design is just the end product, the finishing touches. What really makes design great and enduring is an attention to detail and an understanding of building arts, construction and a commitment to quality. At In-Home, we are dedicated to creating truly good design. We believe that a coat of paint over poor craftsmanship is like a coat of lip gloss on an unhealthy body. Maybe it looks nice, but the problem hasn’t been corrected. In-Home’s owner, artist and designer, Anna Hardy, works from the ground up on her designs. She is committed to ensuring her designs start with solid foundations and we work with some of the best vendors- Bernhardt, Company C, Uttermost, Park Hill, Maison Blanche and more, to ensure that we are bringing the very best in design to you. We spend countless hours researching products and prices for our projects. In-Home believes good design centers around the idea that your space is meant to be reflective of you, not just the designer. What’s important in your life, what do you want to be surrounded by and what are the idiosyncrasies that make your day to day life uniquely yours? These are the things that need to be evident in a design for you. It’s this commitment to excellence, understanding design and taking time to listen to you and your wants for design that has earned In-Home a Houzz Service Award for two years running. When you’re ready for good design, to make your house your home, In-Home is here for you.

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