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A Little Shimmer Goes a Long Way

Turning sows’ ears into silk purses, and uncovering the diamond in the rough is what Anna and In-Home does best. We’ve started revisiting our love of furniture this year, focusing on going back to basics. We’ve turned out several pieces, but this one stands out right now. We found this vintage Oriental buffet, or sideboard, tucked in a corner of a Craigslist ad, in the midst of a heavy blizzard. Could not get enough of the intricate wood details, and we knew this could really be a knock-out piece. It was delivered in the midst of another blizzard shortly thereafter and then we got to work. Anna used Maison Blanche furniture paint and products for its makeover. This is a glamorous combination of Confederate Gray vintage paint, Gold Organza, Translucide, Antique Wax and Varnish. It’s shimmery but subdued, and lets the details shine and speak for themselves. She kept the original hardware- it blended in and got lost before, but stands out and perfectly complements this piece after.

If you are interested in learning painting techniques and creating pieces like this yourself, sign up for one of our painting classes this weekend or this spring!

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