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The In Home Design Center Team

(Left to right) Anna Hardy, Founder and Owner; Stephanie Brillant, Kitchen and Bath Designer; Catherine Fenn-Smith, Artist and Client Services Specialist


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The In Home Design Center is proud to be the design resource for the Northshore community. Our services and resources are available to residential customers, as well as to trade professionals. Click on the applicable tile below to see what you can expect when you work with the team at the In Home Design Center. 

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  • Initial Consult: All initial consult meetings happen on-site at In Home with one of our expert designers. This is when you will discuss your project needs, wants, and/or desires. Your project budget will also be discussed at this time. The initial consult is a good time for you to assess if the In Home team are a good match for your project’s needs.


  • On-site Visit: The onsite visit is done at your home, so we can discuss your project in more detail. We will take photographs of the project area(s) and take any measurements needed to produce preliminary renderings. This also gives In Home the opportunity to discover any issues and discuss area(s) of concern with you.


  • Plan and Design Time: After an on-site consultation is done, the In Home team begins working on preliminary renderings of your project area(s). This could include 3-D and/or hand- drawn renderings of the space(s). We also begin doing research and selecting colors, fabrics, layouts, furnishings, cabinetry etc. for your project.


  • Design Meeting: Now, the fun part! You will meet with the In Home team on-site, so we can present our preliminary plans and ideas. This gives you time to review the selections and plan layouts and to discuss any changes you would like to be made.


  • Project Finalization/ Implementation: After the design meeting and you have finalized the layouts and selections, the In Home Team will put together a project packet for you. We will then begin to implement the design plans and selections by coordinating subcontractors, if needed, and ordering products and scheduling installation.


  • Initial Meeting: This is done in In Home’s Showroom with or without your client(s) to discuss your client(s)’ project(s). Things to consider for this meeting: What are the project(s) needs? 3-D or hand- drawn renderings, measuring services, design plans, as an example. What kind of product(s) will you need to purchase? Furniture, cabinetry, carpets/ rugs, fabric, as an example

  • Designer Meeting: This is an in- person or phone call meeting with you to discuss designer membership at In Home and your designer pricing


  • Client Meeting: Once you decide to move forward with a business relationship with In Home, the you should plan to discuss with your clients what they would like to move forward with in terms of design plans, if drafted by In Home, or any products they would like to purchase through In Home. As always, In Home welcomes designers to use the space and worktable at In Home for client meetings.


  • Finalization Meeting: Once you have met with your clients, you should plan to meet with In Home to go over the design plans and product selections. This is a good time for us to discuss the project timeline, so we can ensure a seamless experience for your clients.

  • Ordering and Shipping Coordination: Once the plans have been finalized with your clients, In Home will coordinate the delivery dates of products and where you would like it to be shipped to and/or received by. We will keep you informed every step of the way, so you can spend your time focusing on your design clients and their projects.

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