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Keepsake Bronze Top Ring Jar


Depicted on the top with Bronze Top Ring you will find the Hanja symbol. Hanja is the Korean word for Chinese characters. It is about the Chinese characters that are borrowed from the Chinese language and used in the Korean language with Korean pronunciation. Hanja-mal or hanja-eo is about words which can be written with hanja. Teachers would use this symbol as the begining of education.


The body of this item is a Magnolia flower in a vase. Magnolias were once so precious, that only Chinese emperors were allowed to own them. They have also been used in Chinese medicine. Today, magnolias represent beauty. Behind the bouquet you will see two censer bowls. A censer is a bowl made to hold burning incense, often crafted from bronze, copper, porcelain, or stone. The first Chinese vessels designed specifically for burning incense appeared during the Western Han Dynasty, from 206 BC to 8 AD.


Behind the censer bowls are two more symbols the one on left means Tiger. The tiger is the chief of wild animals and used to be widespread in China. It proved useful as it kept down the population of wild boar that threatened crops. It is a zodiac animal and represents bravery. The God of Wealth sometimes rides on the back of a black tiger. Followed by the one on the right means Pig. The character for pig is used as part of the character for home, it show a pig under a roof, as the animals used to live with the family in rural homes. A superstition to protect new born babies was to give them pig's trotters for shoes and a pig head mask so demons would think it was a pig not a human and leave them alone.


5.25L X 5.25W X 7H


Bronze Top Ring Keepsake Jar

SKU: 50537
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