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You must purchase a min. of 10 yards - Each yard is $49.59


Fabric Specifications:


  • Flame retardant BS7176 Crib 5, BS EN 1021-1:2006 1&2, BS5852 Crib 5, IMO Annex 1 Part 8.
  • Anti-bacterial/Anti-fungal Resistant to microbial or fungal growth including Salmonella, E Coliand MRSA.
  • Waterproof Hydrostatic Head BS3424 > 1 metre.
  • Breathable Moisture Vapour Permeable
  • Martindale Severe Contract > 100,000.
  • Stain resistant Excellent stain removal has been observed for grease, ink, blood,
  • urine, coffee, iodine, betadine, ketchup, chewing gum, chocolate,
  • grape juice.
  • Composition 100% Treated Polyester; 140cm (55”) wide.

AF Interior Linen Fabric Earth/Pastel Collection

SKU: AF Interior Linen Fabric Earth/Pastel Co
1 Yard
    • Use a vacuum cleaner or soft brush to remove dustand solid particles
    • If soap based cleaners are used, all soap residues must be
    • rinsed from the fabric.
    • Always try cleaning products on a hidden piece of fabric to test suitability.
    • Do not machine wash or dry clean.
    • Wipe frequently with a damp cloth to maintain the appearance of the fabric.
    • Remove all stains immediately before they set. Do not use marker pens on the back of the fabric.
    • All spillages should be removed immediately with a clean absorbent cloth.
    • Do not use solvents, chemical agents, waxes or polishes as this will damage the surface of the fabric.
    • Poorly fixed clothing dyes, e.g. Denim, will cause permanent staining. Most stains can be removed using
    • cold/warm water and a clean microfibre cloth.
    • Can be cleaned with mild Hypochlorite solutions (up to 10,000 ppm of available chlorine - including Haz Tabs and Chlor-Clean) or Mineral Spirit for infection control purposes.
    • Stains from products containing oil and grease should be treated with a spirit based solution.
    • Can be steam cleaned in situ.
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