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Our Center, a Lifetime in the Making
Anna Hardy, Founder and Owner
Design Builds in MA

Anna Hardy was destined for the design world. Growing up in a 500 year-old Manor House in England, she was surrounded by historical homes and artistic minds. Her mother, an antique dealer and painter, taught Anna about antiques. Anna learned how to refinish furniture from her father and from other fine craftsmen in the local area. Anna went on to study art and ultimately obtained a degree in textiles, where she fell in love with color, textile printing, and the world of interior design.

Anna’s design aesthetic has been shaped by her world travels, spanning countries and continents. She’s traveled from Northern Africa and the Mediterranean, to the Eastern bloc and the United States. Anna’s design knowledge grew as she traveled. She was commissioned to paint artwork and murals while living in Germany and she honed her furniture making skills and learned about Indian pottery while living in New Mexico. While in Florida, she took on renovating her family home and began working with many interior designers in the Palm Beach and Delray Beach area. After to moving to New Hampshire, Anna continued her design/build renovation work as well as her interior design work and opened her first showroom in Exeter, NH in 2010.

Today, Anna shares with you her knowledge and love of design/build through the In Home Design Center. Her eclectic mix of furnishings speaks to her travelled experiences. Her in-depth knowledge of renovation and building is evident in her approach. Anna’s love of design permeates the Showroom and Center, now available to designers and homeowners, residents, architects, and builders.


Stephanie Brillant, Kitchen and Bath Designer

Stephanie is an experienced designer, having worked in the field for her entire career. After university, she began working on interiors, designing for large public spaces, namely schools and libraries. Her focus was always on space planning, making sure all the furniture fit properly in each and every space.

From there, her desire led her to focus on residential design working in kitchen and bath showrooms for many years. With her background in space planning, kitchen and bath design is the perfect compliment to her area of expertise. Stephanie loves how design in the kitchen and bath can set the tone for the entire living spaces and enjoys blending work from the Center with an owner's design choices.

Catherine Fenn-Smith, Artist and Client Services Specialist

Catherine has the creative sensibility of an artist and the practical sensibility of an engineer, which means she loves solving clients’ needs by combining the right creative interpretation with the right functional solution. Born in England and raised throughout the United Kingdom, Africa, and the Middle East, Catherine draws from her life and travel experiences to enhance her unique design skills.

Trained as both a Cordon Bleu chef and a clothing fashion buyer, Catherine’s interests have always centered on creating an experience for the customer. Working in the world-famous haute couture store in London, Brown’s, she learned about fabrics and design, putting together individual elements to create complete fashion looks.

She has advised clients, friends, and family on home decoration and design for many years. Her own house is an eclectic haven which has elements drawn from her vast travel experiences combined with timeless antiques. She can often be found in antique shops, auction houses, and in her workshop.

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